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Dental Implants in Holbrook NY Provided by Holbrook Smiles

At Holbrook Smiles, we offer treatments that help to completely repair and restore your smile, even in the event of missing teeth. For patients with single tooth loss or groups of missing teeth, Drs. Chanin and Cinski offer dental implants in in Holbrook, NY. Our implant services are also available to patients from greater Suffolk County.

Trusted Referral Networks for Implant Surgery

While our dentists are experienced in the art of implant restoration, patients are provided care from dental specialists for the surgical portion of their treatment plan – whether that’s an oral surgeon or a periodontist. Our dental specialists are close to our office and can place any number of implants needed. Implants gain their stability and permanence from integrating with bone in the jaw. For this step, called osseointegration, to be completed properly, it’s essential to have implants embedded into the jaw with help from professionals in dental surgery.

Implant restorations available from Holbrook Smiles include:

• Single Implant Crowns
• Multiple Teeth Replacement with Implant Bridges
• Implant-Supported or Fixed Dentures
• All-on-4 Screw-Retained Full Arch Bridges

Our dentists assist in planning your treatment and work closely with referred dental specialists for a seamless patient experience that promotes optimal care and meets your goals.

Creating Best Results for Your Dental Implant Treatment

Before taking any first steps in developing your treatment plan, Drs. Chanin and Cinsky first examine your periodontal health, as bone and soft tissue problems can create obstacles for successful implant placement. If your overall dental health is deteriorating, providing ideal results means treating these general issues first, before comprehensive restorations like implants are added.

For complex implant placements cases, our Holbrook implant dentists can provide surgical guides for our dental specialists to ensure that placement of implant posts is ideal for final restorations and best cosmetic results.  While healing from implant treatment, our dentist can provide patients with beautiful temporary restorations, so they don’t ever have to go without the appearance of teeth. 

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Our dentists make it their goal to ensure that your implant treatment is painless, straight-forward, and provides the results you’re looking for. You don’t have to struggle with loose, uncomfortable teeth replacements that don’t look great or last. With dental implants, we can help patients smile confidently and enjoy full dental function.

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